Let's start your Guitar Journey

Sonora Beginner Bootcamp is the fastest way to jumpstart your playing and finally understand the guitar.

Sonora's 6-week online beginner course is designed to take participants with little-to-some guitar experience to intensive-ready under the instruction of world-class mentors.

"This is the most thoughtful, innovative, and intelligent methodology for internalizing not only fretboard fluency, but music in general."
- David Engelhardt, Sonora Alumni

"This guitar learning program is by far the best one ever conceptualized."
- Milton Pizarro, Sonora Alumni

"I went from someone who can't improvise at all to being able to freely play and improvise over any chord changes in 3 months."
- Erik Luo, Sonora Alumni

"It was an incredibly worthwhile investment that helped me break out of a years long rut as a writer and player."
- Katie Boeck, Sonora Alumni

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