Sonora Prep Program - FAQs

Sonora Prep is a concentrated preparation program in Guitar Fundamentals - students learn basic theory, open chords, barre chords, reading tab and chord sheets, and basic scales.

Sonora Prep is designed to take participants with little-to-some guitar experience to intensive-ready through 6 weeks of study under the guidance of expert instructors. The program supports you by focusing on both your technical and personal development. You’ll learn to trust yourself as a guitarist by becoming comfortable with the core fundamentals

About the Program

How much does Sonora Prep Program cost?

Sonora Prep costs $500, due upon registration.

How long does the course last and where is it held?

The class runs 10 weeks long. The course is conducted 100% online via live video conferencing and gives you access to an online community, live staff support, and a cohort communication platform.

What is covered in the prep program?

Sonora Prep is a concentrated preparation program in Guitar Fundamentals - students learn basic theory, open chords, right hand technique, barre chords, reading tabs/chord sheets, and basic scales. You will also learn 6 assigned songs.

What are my time commitments?

Attendance and engagement are essential for your success. You will need to attend every class possible. Missing class is discouraged and you will be responsible for making up the work independently. Engaging with the staff during the time you are there about your personal schedule is important. Make sure you utilize our support, as it increases your likelihood of being fully prepared and being admitted into the core program.

What is the refund policy for Sonora Prep?

If you withdraw from Sonora Prep within the first week, you are eligible for a full refund. No refunds will be provided after the first week has elapsed.

Who supports me through Sonora Prep?

A staff of experienced professionals are there to champion you through the prep material. Our head instructor is there to deliver the live classes and help you navigate through the ins and outs of the fundamentals on guitar using a variety of techniques. An admissions counselor is there to ensure that you have all of the necessary skills, keep you informed, and support your autonomy as you work through the material. Your cohort, made up of other hardworking and like-minded students, will provide additional support through your learning journey.

What will I do during the class?

We will meet two times per week.

Monday 6pm PST: 1 hour lecture

Thursday 5:30pm PST: 1 hour QnA

You’ll have access to our support team if you get stuck or want to solidify your understanding.

How do I participate in Sonora Prep Remotely?

We use several programs that work in harmony to provide a fantastic remote classroom experience. When you register to join us, you will receive a detailed welcome email with all of the logistical information as well as the technical requirements for your computer and what apps you need to have installed.

How much time will I need to practice outside of class?

We recommend at least 1 hour per day of focused practice to absorb this material.

Can I transfer or re-take Sonora Prep?

Sonora Prep students are allowed 1 free transfer and 1 free re-take up to 6 months after their first attempt

Transfer: Transfer to a different Sonora Prep session, requested no later than one week after class begins.

Re-take: Transfer to a different Sonora Prep session, requested after the deferral deadline. This includes students who finish prep, but would like a second exposure before proceeding into the core program.

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