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Robb Cappelletto

Guitarist and Educator

Robb Cappelletto is a guitarist, composer and educator based in Toronto, Canada. He has two decades of professional teaching experience and has been on faculty at York University as a jazz guitar instructor since 2007. An in-demand session player in Toronto's hip-hop, R&B and EDM scenes, Robb has recorded and performed with such diverse artists as Lord Finesse, Shad, Saukrates, APB, Skratch Bastid, Keys n Krates and A Tribe Called Red. As a composer and solo artist, his music asserts a lyrical and forward-thinking approach to the intersection of jazz and progressive rock, while his playing with the group re.verse continues to redefine what the guitar can do in a hip-hop context.

“What sets him apart from his peers is his conscientious attention to the nuances of tone, and his commitment to building a multilayered sonic world in which his music can live.” - The WholeNote

Sonora Guitar Intensive

Made for intermediate guitar players, Sonora is a 3-month intensive program that helps you break through multi-year plateaus and find your creative freedom.

Cutting Edge Software

Absorb, polish, and retain core concepts through accelerated learning and language acquisition techniques.

LIVE Masterclasses

Learn and engage with with industry-leading musicians 5 days per week in our live classes.

Streamlined feedback

Chat with your mentor in real-time. You’ll also get detailed feedback when you share videos of your guitar playing.

A modern approach to study

Unlike private lessons, Sonora's Fellowship students get unlimited access to feedback so learning and progress can happen every day – not just once a week.


Traditional weekly lessons

Students met with an instructor for just an hour, once a week. For the remainer of that week, students were more likely to practice bad habits and progress slowly.


Sonora's anytime framework

Students get unlimited access to a mentor, 7 days a week. Along with a custom daily practice plan, forward progress can happen rapidly and at any time.

A clear path to
fretboard fluency

Our curriculum helps you achieve a complete understanding of the foundations of music, regardless of your playing style.

Over 20 years experience

Developed by deeply experienced music educators, our comprehensive curriculum identifies the key skills required to advance your musicianship.

Successfully tested by thousands

Our curriculum is proven. Over a thousand Sonora students have successfully broken through their learning plateaus and unlocked fretboard fluency.

Years of study condensed into months

Our students make more progress in 3-6 months of intensive study in our program than most students make in several years.

Grow with our community

Sonora connects you with other intermediate guitar players pursuing creative fluency.

Our community is a great place to find practice buddies, share progress, get feedback, and cheer each other on — all with the support of the whole Sonora team.

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Our Program

Join our industry leading guitar intensive program with Robb Cappelletto guiding you every step of the way.


Sonora Guitar Intensive

Included with the program:

  • Unlimited access to Robb Cappelletto
  • 1-on-1 lessons w/ Robb Cappelletto*
  • Daily video feedback on your playing
  • Custom practice plans
  • Membership to our community
  • Lifetime access to our core curriculum
  • Lifetime access to our learning software
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