3 Proven Techniques That Unlock the Entire Guitar in Months, Not Years

A guide to finding creative freedom and navigating out of the intermediate plateau on guitar.

In this Free Training you'll learn:

  • How to achieve fretboard fluency in months, not years.
  • A simple and deliberate approach to breaking out of long learning plateaus.
  • The practice routine that sets advanced players apart from the rest. you'll receive

  • A free 50-minute session with our team
  • A free bonus masterclass

"This is the most thoughtful, innovative, and intelligent methodology for internalizing not only fretboard fluency, but music in general."
- David Engelhardt

"I went from someone who can't improvise at all to being able to freely play and improvise over any chord changes in 3 months."
- Erik Luo

"It was an incredibly worthwhile investment that helped me break out of a years long rut as a writer and player."
- Katie Boeck