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From hobbyists looking to dive deeper into their passion, to rock stars selling out stadiums, our Alumni inspire us every day with the breadth of their creativity and growth on the instrument.


Steve C.

“The value I’ve got out of it has been the best money, forget about just guitar, on just my life and my well being in decades.”

Jim P.

“I was very quickly able to do things that I've always wanted to but have never been able to.”


“Sonora exceeded my expectations... The balance of structure, learning, and doing created a fantastic experience for me.”

Bill C.

“The growth has been ridiculously effective!”

Bob W

“Sonora as a whole is fantastic, I recommend it to everybody and I talk to people about it all of the time.”

Jim H

"The information, coupled with the daily feedback has been a really great formula for me.”

Scott G

"I've never before seen as clear a path for my progress on the instrument and I highly recommend it to anyone considering the program.”

Alonzo E.

“I’m starting to discover a sound… I’m a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident in my playing. I feel I am well on my way to becoming the guitarist that I am imagining!”

Francesca B.

“I can’t remember the last time I experienced waking up in the morning and really wanting to grab the guitar and start playing… it’s an awesome feeling, and GMI (Sonora) gave me that.”

David M.

“My playing has left the pentatonic box. It’s gone out of the little ‘safety playpen’ of 1-4-5… I appreciate this roadmap, this way of learning, and the community that’s built around it.”

Lila A.

“The people that make up the team are so incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, sincere, and genuine about wanting you to get better. It’s really an awesome program and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Erik L.

“It’s crazy how much better I’m getting! The biggest thing is how much FUN I’m having when I’m soloing now… It’s like you can see something that was invisible, it’s like opening another eye.”

Notable Alumni

Jesse Carmichael


Best known as the keyboardist and rhythm guitarist for the pop rock band, Maroon 5. Jesse came to us at the intermediate plateau and worked with us to find more creative freedom and improvisational ability on the instrument.

Billy Strings


Billy is an iconic bluegrass guitarist and came to us as a student looking to dive deeper into fluency on the fretboard and explore the jazz idiom. He has been studying with us for over 6 months and his continued work in the program informed some of the songs on his upcoming album.

Jason White


Best known as the touring guitarist for the rock band, Green Day. Jason worked through the core program to improve his fretboard knowledge and grow as a band leader.

Marlon Williams


Marlon is a hip hop guitarist and music director best known for his work with Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Kamasi Washington. He came to us in order to improve his skills as a producer and guitar player.

Jake T.

"You guys have distilled down guitar playing into it's most fundamental and important aspects and laid them out in a way that is condusive to the most efficient learning possible. "

Cody T.

“The program is beyond reproach, there is nothing out there that compares, this is by far the best.”

Erwin H.

"What Spencer, Ila and the team is fabulous, I'm playing with friends now and it feels like it's going to stick."

Judson C.

"The fretboard just looks so much smaller now... it's like this puzzle that finally starting to click."

Clint S.

"Sonora puts everything together as a comprehensive whole. Through the mentorship, the curriculum and Q&As, everything comes together in a unified sense."

Pete S.

David S.

Jeffrey O.

"What you guys are doing is just really amazing, and I hope you know that."

Steve K.

Howard L.

Bruce G.

David K.

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