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The Sonora Guitar Intensive program is designed for intermediate guitarists who want to break out of a long plateau and find full creative fluency on the instrument, under the direct guidence of some of the world's best musicians.

"This is the most thoughtful, innovative, and intelligent methodology for internalizing not only fretboard fluency, but music in general."
- David Engelhardt, Sonora Alumni

"This guitar learning program is by far the best one ever conceptualized."
- Milton Pizarro, Sonora Alumni

"I went from someone who can't improvise at all to being able to freely play and improvise over any chord changes in 3 months."
- Erik Luo, Sonora Alumni

"It was an incredibly worthwhile investment that helped me break out of a years long rut as a writer and player."
- Katie Boeck, Sonora Alumni

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